Greyson Fletcher | Raw in South Africa

"Greyson was on an absolute terror", said filmer Brandon Jensen during the RVCA South Africa Tour. Enjoy this raw montage of Greyson Fletcher from one of our most memorable skate trips abroad.

Video by Brandon Jensen.

Ellis Ericson | Inspired By...

Ellis Ericson, Inspired By... Surfboard Design. Here Ellis looks back on his history with RVCA and lays down a few turns for good measure. Video by Blaine Suque.

Margaux Arramon-Tucoo | Inspired By...

"I am inspired by the ephemeral space of time; the moments that die and are reborn through the way they make us feel." -- Take a look inside the life and mind of French surfer and artist Margaux Arramon-Tucoo in this installment of our Inspired By series. Video by Claudia Lederer. Music by Lee-Ann Curren.

Check out Margaux's collaboration with Marynn for the womens Summer '16 La Petite Mort Collection.

Julian Davidson | Inspired By...

Julian Davidson, Inspired By... El Dorado Skatepark. A true skater's skater with clean style and a refined trick choice. Julian is a long time member of the RVCA family and we're so glad to have him. Video by Brandon Jensen.

Road to 6x | Rafael Mendes

Last year, Rafael Mendes won his fifth world title in the black belt division cementing himself as the most decorated featherweight in jiu jitsu history. The “Road to 6x” chronicles Rafael Mendes in the weeks leading up to the 2016 IBJJF World Championship where he aims to capture his 6th world title.

Video by Change for Balance.

Artist Network Program | Ricky Lee Gordon

"I find that personal resonance allows for a true connection and true inspiration, therefore art has the power to manifest and effect with in another being, and that is truly beautiful. So in essence I guess, I am trying to create beauty in my work that allows for beauty in other people." -- Ricky Lee Gordon.

Take a look into the artwork and inspiration of ANP Artist Ricky Lee Gordon as he brings meaning to the communities who live near his murals; representing ideas that everyone can identify with and be inspired by.

Video by Adriaan Louw.

Josh Harmony | Inspired By...

Josh Harmony, Inspired By... Family. Josh shares his inspiration from his family and his gratitude for the friendships and experiences with RVCA.

Video by Brandon Jensen.

Jay Davies | Inspired By...

Jay Davies, Inspired By... Life in West Oz. Even whilst traveling the world, Jay explains his love for home and the creative outlook that's come from growing up in Western Australia.

Video by Wyatt Davies.

RVCAloha | Montage

The RVCA crew surfing, skating, and creating art during this year's winter on the North Shore.

Film/edit by Blaine Suque.

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