THIS Gallery | These Friends 4 Opening Reception

This last weekend THIS Gallery in Los Angeles had the opening reception for their final show "These Friends 4". The show had a huge turn out and a realy cool vibe, you can tell the gallery will be missed by many. The exhibition itself features single pieces of work from a large group of friends and acquaintances and will be on display until May 26th. Read more for photos taken of the night by RVCA Fairfax's Taryn Anderson.

Ben Horton | Landline

ANP Artist Ben Horton's solo show "Landline" opened at Linksoul Lab in Oceanside, CA this last Friday night. Landline showcases a mix media collection of acrylic paintings, ink drawings and sound installation exploring entropy of our physical and virtual connections to not only each other but to our environment. Read more for photos of the opening night by RVCA's Jeff Kaczmar.

What New Mystery Is This | RVCA SF

On March 15th our RVCA San Fransisco store opened "What new Mystery is this" showcasing new works by Ryan De La Hoz, new windows by Ben Venom & Bill McRight and live performances by Corners & Primitive Hearts. The work is on display daily from 11-7pm until May 25th, 2013. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the opening. Read more for photos of the opening night by Ashlei Quinones!

ANP Quarterly Vol 2 / No 7

ANPQuarterly Vol 2 / No 7 features interviews with James Bridle on the New Aesthetic, Liars, filmmakers Sophie Flicker & Maximilla Lukacs, photographer Mark Cohen, Suzanne Ciani and artists Clare Rojas, Mickalene Thomas and Peter Shire. Also in this issue are articles on LA Punk Gangs of the '80s, Personal Utopias, Ana Kras, Val Kilmer's art and much more.View the full article for a complete list of ANP Quarterly Vol 2 / No 7 stockists or purchase a copy of ANP Quarterly here.

Herbie Fletcher x RVCA x Hole NYC

The Hole NYC presents "Wrecktangles" by surfing pioneer Herbie Fletcher along with a RVCA Pop Up shop merchandised by Luck You Collective. Here are the official announcements.Herbie Fletcher "Wrecktangles" February 9-28th, 2013The Hole NYC is proud to present six major new works by surf legend and artist Herbie Fletcher at the main gallery at 312 Bowery. These artworks are massive and vital, like the huge waves Herbie was known for pioneering during his fifty-year plus career as a surfer. These pieces are made from the wave-munched fragments of broken boards actually used when surfing giant waves. The thunderous force of the ocean is apparent in these jagged and mishapen “Wrecktangles”, but perhaps the most eye-catching component is the various decals, traction pads, fins or logos that show both the personalization of each board and the sponsorship and awards circuits of pro surfing. The combination of the odd formal geometries of a late Frank Stella with the pop cacophony of logos and images, makes for a very interesting work of art that is charged with energy and life.RVCA Pop-Up Shop at Hole NYCRVCA brought the sand to the Bowery with a pop-up shop at Hole NYC featuring limited-edition t-shirts from Herbie Fletcher, Christian Fletcher, Julian Schabel, Todd James, Alexis Ross, Bert Krak, Espo and Luck You Collective.  The pop-up also features a curated selection of RVCA cut & sew items and accessories.  RVCA advocate Louis Shannon of Luck You Collective designed and merchandised the Pop Up shop.Read more for photos of "Wrecktangles" and the RVCA Pop-Up shop courtesy of Alon Shierman.

Sage Vaughn | Falling Down

ANP Artist Sage Vaughn and fellow artist Bill McRight show "Falling Down" at THIS Gallery in Los Angeles January 18th, 2013. The duo went to town on the gallery with nailed up bats and balloons filled with paint. The result was this.Video by Brandon Jensen. Read more for behind the scenes photos by Aaron Farley.

Kelsey Brookes | Serotonin

On December 10th Kelsey Brookes' show "Serotonin; Happiness and Spiritual States" opened at the Quint Contemporary Art in La Jolla, CA. This was Kelsey's second solo show at the gallery. His pieces were based on the molecular structure of atoms in the theme of hallucinogenic drugs and the effect they have on your body's natural serotonin. The bursts of colors/waves starts at the molecule. The show was hit to say the least and the pieces sold out before even opening! Read more for photos by Keegan Gibbs.

Michele Blade | VALA Insallation

RVCA Advocate Michelle Blade recently did a window installation at our RVCA Los Angeles store and Andrea DoSouta was there to take a few photos and capture the experience. Read on for photos and If you are in the Los Angeles area be sure to stop by and give it a viewing!RVCA VALA - 501 N. Fairfax Los Angeles, CA 90036

Blake Marquis | Blake

Blake Marquis is currently showing "BLAKE" at our RVCA San Francisco retail location. Here's some photos & video of the set up & opening night.RVCA SF - 1485 Haight Street  San Francisco, CA 94117 (415) 701-7855


Andy Valmorbida & PM Tenore presented 'Future Shock' the first solo art show in 12 years by New York graffiti pioneer FUTURA. Curated by Nemo Librizzi. Opening reception was September 6th from 7-9pm. On View September 7th – October 5th at Valmorbida | 560 Washington St. New York, NY 10014 USA. In association with the RVCA ANP, Vista Jet & BOMBARDIER. All Photos by Keegan Gibbs

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