KCDC Skate Night at Roughtrade Records NYC

On Valentines Day 2018, we courted KCDC Skateshop for a mini ramp skate jam at Roughtrade Records NYC in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The V-Day festivities included Speed Date a Skater presented by Jenkem Mag, live music by Slasher, and cold ones courtesy of PBR. RVCA Skateboard Advocates Andrew Reynolds, Curren Caples, Kevin "Spanky" Long, and Mark Suciu romanced the ramp for the evening and John Bradford documented the affair. Special thanks to Pat Smith of Coda Skateboards for constructing the mini ramp for this event, Roughtrade Records NYC for hosting us, and KCDC Skateshop for the love affair.

Benjamin Jeanjean | Covered Chaos

Presenting COVERED CHAOS, a 5-meter long x 2-meter high mural artwork by global ANP artist Benjamin Jeanjean. On a visit to Berlin’s ever-inspiring neighborhoods, and leveraging BRIGHT trade show and fashion week dynamics; RVCA and Benjamin partnered-up to deliver a live-art execution and impressive work of art to the thousands passing by BRIGHT. Jeanjean continues his exploration grounded in life experience and an interpretation of our world’s challenges.

Video by Yentl Touboul
Music: « Akahito » by Absent Music (words and music by Jan Van den Broeke)

Luke Pelletier 'American Fizzle' | New Image Art Gallery

February 10TH, 2018 was the opening reception for ANP Artist Luke Pelletier's solo show, 'American Fizzle' at New Image Art in Los Angeles, CA. Luke also curated a group show titled, 'Not a Whole Lot Going On', an exhibition featuring 20 different artists and their incredible work. RVCA Advocate Andrea Dosouto attended the show and documented the evening, giving you an inside look at the two exhibitions with her photography. Special thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon for providing the drinks.

Video by Brandon Jenson || Song 'Detached and Bored' by Luke Pelletier

—> Luke Pelletier MENS COLLECTION


Mark Suciu | ADV II Pro Shoe

Mark Suciu released an incredible video part to celebrate the release of his new pro shoe for Adidas. Watch Suciu take his creativity and surgical-like precision to spots that most would deem "us-skateable". Congratulations on your new pro shoe, Mark, very well deserved!

RVCA Trunks | A Trip to the Savage Land

A Trip to the Savage Land

Van tires roll off the pavement a few miles from the coast of mainland Mexico. Modern civilization has long been abandoned, as the search for a rumored beach break begins. The crew drives in on a black sandy trail, passing rundown houses, overgrown palms, and stone-faced Federales, making way through the landscape. They are eager and loose as the whisper of the waves grows closer, summoning a restless edge that calls for a more primal self. Each day starts before sunrise. They drink instant coffee and put together daypacks for the two-mile trek towards the beach. Once the jet-skis are in the water, the sessions begin. Hollow, shore-breaking barrels continue as long as the sun is up, creating a platform for stylish and powerful surfing. Evenings are spent eating locally caught fish and drinking beer from beat-up glass bottles. The need for a trip like this will never go away. Advocates find a fix in these desolate landscapes, feeding off of the raw energy and uncertain safety net that new territory brings. Perspective is gained in a simpler place, as the ongoing search for the Savageland carries on. Visit to view our latest Trunks collection. Video by Blaine Suque, song: Built in Sun by G Night


RVCAloha 2017 | Roots of Culture

On Dec 5th, 2017 the Fukumitsu family opened their home to the RVCA tribe for a day of Hawaiian culture and festivities.

Special thanks to: the Fukumitsu Family, Tony & Tammy Moniz, PM Tenore, Lyndie Irons & Rico Jiminez

Video by Change for Balance with additional footage by Brandon, Blaine, and Elliana Moore

Music by: Kaimi Hemorosura, Moses Kahumoku

RVCAloha 2017 | Surf

The RVCA surf team having a blast & making the best of the conditions during this years RVCAloha. Featuring Ford Archbold, Shane Borland, Colin Moran, Tyler Netwon, Danny Fuller, Nathan Strom, Davey Cathels, Matt Pagan, Makua Rothman, Noah Beschen & Bruce Irons. Video by Blaine Suque, Song: Another Way by Sufis.

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