Alex Knost | Sweater Sculptures

RVCA presented Alex Knost's "Sweater Sculptures" at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Collingwood, Australia Saturday March 1st, 2015.

An ongoing body of work "Sweater Sculptures" will contain an eventual 22 time sensitive photographed installations. Photographs are mounted on aluminium, remaining completely archival. These are the first four sculptures to be 'photogenically cauterized'. This body of work congeals elements of 'Exo Allegory'. 'Exo' meaning outer or external and 'Allegory' the metaphor for hidden meaning conveyed through symbolic figures, being actions, imagery or events... In this case the outer that exhibits interim unknown in society or any in pop culture & human nature.

Alex Knowst -

Curation Photos: Matt Rabbidge
Event Photos: Life Without Andy

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