Didrik Galasso a feeling of impontence is hard when you only are seventeen years old

Finally busted, we not happy

Here we are, Berlin the dopest

Im not sure if Josh enjoy his meal

Josh Harmony always find a good spot to chill and look pictoric

oh right! security don't let us pass to the spot, tipical guys reverange, obviusly Matt is loving the idea

Sick spot

Spanky checking the spot

The kids are all around in the projects

The life of a skateboarder is not easy, Spanky after the RVCA demo

Time to relax with Ilja Judizki and Charles Collet

Tom and Charles waiting van life is coming

We always go to find another way to get in, easy fences if you are use to the american ones

We don't like shoot photos at contests right Matt

Yoga and beer is a good balance of opposites, Nestor Judkins

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