First contact with my crew for the next week, I just wanna be a spy

Gypsy Charles Collet, you can find him sleeping, playing guitar or killing the spot

Josh Harmony, talentous man

Julian Davidson, Matt Price, Ilja Judizki, Charles Collet and Olli Ilmonen chilling after the signing

Kevin Spanky enjoying the bowl in the signing at Titus Skateshop

Nestor Judkins and Didrik Galasso

Nestor Judkins, after kill the spot, thats a team

Olli Ilmonem, he just speak when have something to say, but when he does you should be tuned

RVCA signing at Titus Skateshop in Berlin

Spanky getting artsy

Tom Kleinschmidt bowl time

Work never end if the guys are not tired

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