Ashley Smith Lookbook | Spring '15

Introducing the second RVCA x Ashley Smith signature collection for Spring 2015.

"For my second collection I wanted to showcase how big a part denim plays not only in my life, but most of our lives. I've always been keen on a denim look and love how versatile it is, functioning as both workwear and fashion. It's the easiest material to take from day to night, casual to statement piece. I feel most at home in denim." - Ashley Smith

Ashley is continuously inspired by 70s music and culture. The color palette in this collection is a direct reflection of this with the contrast stitch detailing and muted tones. Growing up in Texas, she felt instinctively inspired by iconic Americana, a style that feels close to home. For her hand drawn t-shirt, she gathered inspiration from typography based artists and chose a record to represent how impactful music from the 70s era was in her life. Enjoy the Collection.

Photography by Jason Lee Parry

Ashley Smith Collection | Spring '15

Video: Kevin Castanheira, Song: What's Holding You? by Lorelle Meets the Obsolete

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