Babes Ride Out | East Coast

Words and photos by Virginia Hall:

For those who may not know about Babes Ride Out, it’s an all-female motorcycle campout traditionally held on the West Coast. But for the first time, this liberating weekend event crossed the country and debuted in the mountainous Catskills Region of New York.

Everyone had a blast. Between the ATWYLD space Photo Booth, the free beer, and the female Guns N’ Roses cover band - there was only room for good times. Girls headed out during the day to explore the 5 moto routes ranging from 65 miles to 194 miles. With ample waterfalls on twisty roads, and countless small forgotten towns in the Catskill mountains, the gals were ready for adventure.

I think us East Coast girls are already excited to get back to Narrowsburg for next year’s event! But till then, we’ll see you babes in Joshua Tree in October!


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