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Born and raised in the heart of Devon, Exeter (UK), Barney tried and tested all sorts of sports before finding himself with a BMX bike at a local skatepark, at 12 years old, seeing other kids on skateboards. After dropping in on a ramp first time, wearing a full face helmet, Barney quickly realised that this was something he wanted to focus all his time doing.

Since becoming pro, Barney’s life has been filled with countless trips across the globe; e.g. from the Silk Road in China to Cambodia, Madagascar and Singapore. While traveling, Barney has been capturing his experiences & the places he’s been to, through photography, and plans to create a blog of his globetrotting adventures so keep an eye out for that for an epic insider view into a pro skateboarders’ life. He’s also filming for a video which will be in VX; the raw footage that everyone’s craving for at the moment!

In general, Barney’s life goal is to experience as much as possible, while it’s still possible - and stepping out of his comfort zone, always curious to dive into the unknown with an open mind.

Filmed and edited by Rich Smith, Song: Sha La La by The Aquadolls courtesy of Burger Records.

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