Byron Bay Surf Festival 2018

RVCA is proud to have supported the 2018 Byron Bay Surf Festival. Over the four day festival RVCA supported a range of different events that celebrated surf culture and the arts.

Opening the festival with the Thursday night opening of ‘KUSP’, a collaboration of works from RVCA Advocate Ari Browne, Josh Keogh & JJ Stanbrook that exhibited finless surfboards, acrylic paintings and 35mm photography at the RVCA Back Gallery.

This lead into the short film premiere of ‘Portal’ on Friday night that was shot & edited by JJ Stanbrook - a work of art in its own rights. In terms of the show, the short film acts as the glue that binds experience to surfboard, surfboard to place, and painting to surfboard.

The film also gave the trio an opportunity to tell a story of adventure, fun, and of course, lordish behaviour.

Stanbrook’s knack for story telling and humour are at work as he depicts a washed up idiot, Ari Browne, who, plays himself a he minces around the exotic Moroccan coastline. Lastly the film showcases the exceptional performance attributes of the ten finless surfboards.

And lastly RVCA had a strong contingent of surfers from all over the world including Alex Knost (USA) & Jordan Griffin (NZ) who joined Australian RVCA Advocates Ellis Ericsson, Ari Browne, Raffy Browne & Gus O’Malley.

Knots turning on a show over the four days walking away as winner of three events including the Free Radicals Expression Session, the Log Invitational as well as the marquee event for the weekend - The McTavish Trim.

Photos: Delon Issacs

Video & Edit: Jackson O’Brien

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