caraVAn | Puerto Rico x Florida

RVCA's PR/Florida CARAVAN was a two week adventure that started in Puerto Rico and ended up in North Florida from 4/2/14 - 4/13/14. The tour included RVCA Advocates Alex Knost, Beau Foster, Christian Fletcher, Ellis Ericson, Josh Harmony, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Julian Davidson and photographer Zak Noyle.

Kevin 'Spanky' Long, Josh Harmony, Julian Davidson and Johnerik Efre shred Puerto Rico an Florida in our latest RVCAcaravan trip. Video by Brandon Jensen, song: Nico by Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel.

Alex Knost, Ellis Ericson, Christian Fletcher, Tyler Gunter, Beau Foster and Zak Noyle tour Puerto Rico and Florida.


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