Christiaan Conradie | RVCA

Christiaan was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. At the age of three his family located to the coastal city of Cape Town, and it didn't take him long to develop a deep love for the ocean as he grew up surfing around the beautiful beaches of the Cape peninsula. He began painting at a young age and first first started exhibiting in local galleries at the age of 19, whilst studying art direction and design. After a two year stint in advertising, he left the industry behind to focus on his painting.

Christiaan has since exhibited internationally, including solo shows in Barcelona, Cape Town and Mexico City. Surfing, travel and music is what inspires him most. He is currently based in Mexico and true to his character is unsure of how long he'll be there for. "I'm not sure which way the wind might blow me, but for now I'm enjoying all the opportunities and the people here in Mexico, I just need to get down to the beach."

Songs: "Somos Otros" by Joe la Reina & "Every Drop, is an Ocean" by Christiaan Conradie.

Check out Christiaan's upcoming show "The Saint Maker" at RVCA SF July 17th.
Video by Francisco Betanzos.

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