Christian Fletcher | Farewell, Nisi

On his first day, of his first trip to Japan, Cheyne Horan introduces Christian Fletcher to Nisi. His first impressions was a Japanese man who resembles Bruce Lee rocking up in a white Ford Falcon convertible take Mat Archabold, Dino Andino and himself for a skate. It would be the beginning of a long friendship… and he would remain one of Christian’s heroes.

Nishioka ‘Devil Nisi’ Masanori was the first and only Japanese member of the Dog Town Z boys. Having spent years in the U.S, his sidekicks included Christian Hosoi, Jay Adams and the entire crew from the period.

Not only was Nisi respected for his skating, he was also renowned for his creative abilities. Well known for his photography and art, he also published the magazine Cxyborg, a photographic journal of skating, surfing, art and punk rock.

It was on this trip almost 27 years later that Christian would re-visit Japan only not to be able to hook up with his old friend. Nisi passed away on the 23rd of July, aged 62.

Christian came to Japan to bid farewell, traveling to Nisi’s original home town of Shikoku where they found an abandoned boat, from which they spread the last of his ashes in the sea. Ironically on the same day on the other side of the Pacific, Jay Adam’s paddle out was happening. After scattering the ashes the boat mysteriously disappears, as if he drifted off into the horizon, possibly to meet up with Jay half way, together grinding in the sky.

Photos by Taisuke Yokoyama & Yoge

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