Keegan Gibbs | Studio

RVCA Advocate Keegan Gibbs recently converted an old succulent greenhouse in a nursery in Malibu into a working studio. Keegan re-poured cement, stained it, cleared it, resurfaced and painted all the walls, did some minor structural work, and fixed the enormous amount of heat it generated.

In the studio, Keegan has pieces that represent larger bodies of work. The umbrella series, some landscape work, triptychs, and continuing works creating new conceptual work with photography as the medium. There are boards Keegan has been hand shaping, as he gets into the physical craftsmanship that runs in his family tradition, and a classic record player with a mix of vinyl from Keegan and his dads eclectic collection. Lots of Black Sabbath with some Jazz, funk, and Connan Mockasin mixed in there as well.

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