KUSP | Exhibition from Ari Browne & Josh Keogh

‘KUSP’ is a collaboration between Ari Browne, Joshua Keogh, and JJ Stanbrook. The exhibition is a composite of finless surfboards, acrylic paintings and 35mm photography.

Their pursuits were purely in the name of progress, not perfection. Whilst adhering to popular performance ideas, the surfboards follow a trajectory far different to other surfboard design. The surfboards on show are a rarity in that they move away from typical design processes and start to voluntarily move towards exploring the unknown outer precipice or cusp of surfboard design.

Typically in surfboard design function outweighs form. The aim was to invert this relationship and explore the dynamics that occurs when Form (the appearance of the surfboard) is placed as the priority over function (the performance of the surfboard).

Unsurprisingly the resulting surfboard identify firstly as sculptural objects and secondly as surfboards.

Surprisingly however, no quantifiable sacrifice or detriment to performance was apparent. This is due to the clinical approach Josh took when shaping the surfboards. Seamlessly harmonising performance and aesthetics.

“The boards were well and truly operating in the performance window” Testifies Ari Browne. They all worked amazingly well.” “However,” continues Ari, “My paintings are a different story.”

The paintings strive to inform and embellish the surfboards. They support one another. Hopefully creating a flow of information between surfboard and painting. A relationship where the painting is revealing, and or, concealing something about the surfboard, and vice versa. The paintings are a direct response to the physical appearance of the surfboard, and also the sensations, memories, and feelings experienced whilst ridding them in the Atlantic ocean of the Moroccan coastline.

Photos: Delon Issacs

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