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Congratulations to RVCA Advocate Makua Rothman on his new record deal with Mountain Apple Company! Here's the official press release!!

"Growing up in Hawai`i, surfing and music are a big part of our lives. It's not only my music that I want to share with everyone, but the Aloha as well. Aloha is not just a word.  Aloha is a feeling, a way of life and Aloha is meant for each and everyone of us. Through my music, I want to spread Aloha to the world." --MAKUA

Legendary big-wave rider and all around homegrown Hawaiian boy, Makua Rothman has entered the wonderful world of music. Makua is teaming up with the Mountain Apple Company to create and investigate a whole new type of wave, this time of the musical variety. 

Growing up on the North Shore of O`ahu, Makua played in its giant winter waves and world class surf, all the while continuing to stay true to his roots and embrace his Hawaiian heritage through music. Picking up the `ukulele as a young boy, he spent time playing the instrument when he wasn't playing in the ocean. Through a close relationship that his father, Eddie Rothman, had with Israel Kamakawiwo`ole, Makua was able to learn `ukulele from Hawai`i's most beloved entertainer. He was just a small kid, but Braddah IZ's loving teaching methods remain with Makua today.

"Immediately after meeting Makua, I could see his aloha - his sincerity to create and make music and honor his Hawaiian roots. I knew we had to work together. There was no doubt in my mind." --JON de MELLO, CEO - Mountain Apple Company

Teaming up with legendary artist, composer, producer and of course, surfer, John "Feldy" Feldmann, the two decided to collaborate on a musical project that had them both writing songs in-between surf sessions and sunsets. Feeling good about where this project was heading, they talked to Makua's management about taking the next step. A collective decision was made to meet with the Mountain Apple Company, a Hawai`i-based record label to explore a possible partnership. After hearing Makua's demos, it was clear to Mr. de Mello that Makua was ready to make a debut on a musical platform. After all, if he had the courage to ride a 66 foot wave at 17 years old, he has got the courage to withstand the music business in the 21st Century. 

On August 21, 2013, Makua Rothman official signed with the Mountain Apple Company • HAWAI`I, marking the beginning of a brand new music adventure! Get ready Hawai`i - WE ARE STOKED! 

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