Milk & Honey

"Milk and Honey: Contemporary Art in California" highlights new work by contemporary artists who are aesthetically and regionally joined through a variety of mediums and demographics. By showcasing unknown and emerging artists alongside established icons who all call California home, "Milk and Honey" recognizes the fact that region and lifestyle directly influence the working process and ultimately the state of contemporary imagery.

In the same spirit as Roger Gastman, Aaron Rose, and Jeffrey Deitch's recent seminal MOCA show: Art In The Streets, "Milk and Honey" celebrates a group of contemporary artists with roots across various areas, including graffiti art, surf, and skate culture, and other uniquely californian influences. As is evident in that highly acclaimed museum show—as well as the current Pacific Standard Time show throughout Los Angeles—California affects trends and sets the stage nationally and internationally, for some of the most creative art being made in the world today.

Artists include: Ed Ruscha, Cali Thornhill De Witt, Erin Garcia, Chris Burden, Dan Monick, Hassan Rahim, Joey Gallagher, Jared Eberhardt, Steven Harrington, Chris Duncan, Rj Shaughnessy, Pearl C. Hsiung, Harper Smith, Richard Colman, Emily Shur, Christopher Bettig, Barry McGee, Shelley Leopold, Aaron Farley, Sage Vaughn, Ye Rin Mok, Megan Whitmarsh, Florencio Zavala, Mel Kadel, Kevin Earl Taylor, Robert Therrien, Ashley Snow Macomber, Andrew Schoultz, Lucy Rose, Kelsey Brookes, G. Lewis Heslet, Ben Venom, Retna, Greg Bojorquez, Piero Golia, Lana Kim, Travis Millard, Justin Krietemeyer, Aaron Ruell, Ed Templeton, Souther Salazar, Pm Tenore, West One, Bill McRight, Joel Morrisson, Cleon Peterson, Day 19, Damon Way, Six Stair, MFG, Curtis Buchanan & Jon Rajkovich.

About the author: Justin Van Hoy is a designer, artist, and curator based in Los Angeles, California. Justin's studio, The Dutch Press, creates original graphics, design, and branding for innovative entities such as RVCA, R77, OBEY Giant, Falcon Motorcycles, and Gagosian Gallery. Justin is also a co-founder of THIS los angeles, an art gallery in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. THIS hosts group and solo shows, and fosters a creative outlet for a wide network of innovative artists, friends, and family, as well as the community at large.

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Milk & Honey Release Party Invite

The book release party for Milk & Honey will be Saturday November 3rd at the Gagosiam Gallery in Beverly Hills, CA from 7-10pm. There will be music by Secret Circuit DJ and ESP. The Gallery is located at 465 North Camden Drive, Beveryly Hills, CA 91020. Send RSVP's to [email protected]

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