Right at Dawn

Right at Dawn is a digital novel by RVCA Advocate/Photographer Keegan Gibbs and writer Ryan Patrick. The story is presented in a unique digital fashion online at www.rightatdawn.com and on Instagram by following @rightatdawn. Each week, one chapter is released online, and each day one photo with text is posted on Instagram.The story itself is of a "young man turning his back to home, yearning for a new life, chasing the biggest waves he can find deep into the heat of Mainland Mexico". Below are some more excerpts taken from the website. But I'd have to say, the Instagram feed is my personal favorite. It's refreshing to see daily content that has depth and longevity in a social media world where everything is so disposable. The internet can use more of this! Thank you Keegan & Ryan!

Over the phone, earlier in the month, Brayden had told his father he’d quit his job, was taking a trip to Mexico. He’d told him he was going, that he’d always wanted to, that it might be for a while. But he had given no more details. He may have raised Brayden but they were not close, not the way Brayden wanted.  Yet they knew each other well, could talk about certain subjects with ease. Others not at all.

All other thoughts of his life were forgotten. All the things Brayden ever thought about it. All the problems, all his past, all of what he must do outside of this were suddenly and absolutely gone. There was no other thought in his head than this. Surfing these big waves was the only thing in his life that could do this. These were his truest moments. Here he didn’t know what would happen, how it would unfold, how many or what kind of waves. Yet he knew exactly what he was doing. He sucked in a deep chest cavity-filling breath, felt the sun on his shoulders and the cool wind coming over the hill and moving out to sea. He was focused on the task at hand and sensed an immense inner energy he felt could be harnessed to do what he wanted.

Now having surfed small waves that morning having had her on his mind, having been on his mind for the fourth day in a row, having sifted through his disappointment and moved passed it with even greater resolve for her, he marched up over the berm instead of heading straight out to the point. He was not sure what he would say or do, but he was sure that he wanted to see her.

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