RVCA Corner Gallery & Showroom Opening

January 22nd, 2014 RVCA Australia presented their second project space titled the RVCA Corner Gallery & Showroom, a 95 square metre gallery, showroom and retail space located in Collingwood, Melbourne. The Gallery will provide a permanent refuge to local and international artists alike giving them the framework and platform to showcase their latest creative endeavors to a captivated audience.

The opening show was curated by Matt Rabbidge who presented a healthy list of up and coming as well as established ANP artists which included works from ANP artists Mark Alsweiler, Kelsey Brookes, DMOTE, Matt Furie, Melissa Grisancich, Jim Houser, Will Lynes, Stefan Marx, Soul McKenzie, James Jirat Patradoon, Luke Pelletier, Andrew Pommier, Nathan Pickering, Nathaniel Russell, Trent Whitehead, Megan Whitmarsh.

Special thanks to our sponsors Santa Vittoria & Kirin Cider!

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