In Miami, FL last weekend, we celebrated the launch of our first ever RVCA Sport Womens collection with a product wear test event. We kicked off our morning at the boutique boxing studio Sobekick, with a high-intensity boxing workout led by professional boxing coach and RVCA Advocate, Jason Parillo. Parillo pushed everyone to their limits, maxing out with lung-busting cardio routines and heavy-handed bag work.

We're very excited about this next evolution of RVCA Sport and look forward to doing many more training events and workout meetups. Follow us @rvcasport & @rvca_womens on Instagram to stay up to date with our next events and collection drops.

Special thanks to the athletes, influencers, and guests that took their energy level to 100 and celebrating the debut of RVCA Sport Womens. We'd also like to extend big thank yous to Tone It Up , Hydroflask , Healthade , Sanabul Boxing Gloves , Bollare, and Sobekick for their support.

|| View the new RVCA Sport Womens collection here ||

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