Follow the RVCA team as they make the North Shore of Hawaii their home for the next 6 weeks. Check back for daily photos and videos of them surfing, creating art, skateboarding & training. Follow on Instagram @RVCA #RVCAloha.

RVCAloha | Part 3

RVCAloha part 3 with Josh Harmony, Nestor Judkins, Curren Caples, Shane Borland, Greyson Fletcher and Kalani David. Video by Brandon Jensen, song: When It Comes To You by Dead Ghosts courtesy of Burger Records.

A Day with Kalani | RVCAloha

A day with Kalani David on the North Shore. Footage by Jimmy Jazz James & Brandon Jensen. Song: I Wanna Be that Guy by The Memories, courtesy of Burger Records.

Pow! Wow! | RVCAloha

Every winter the advocates and artists of RVCA gather on the shores of Oahu to skate, surf and paint. Dubbed RVCAloha, the 2014 edition had RVCA and POW! WOW! painting a new mural at the Keolu Skatepark in Kailua, Hawaii. Battling intermittent showers and the harsh Hawaiian sun, the Dmote and Soul completed a stunning piece of art complete with volcanoes and cosmic dolphins. Music: Michael Raulton - Nothing Means Nothing (Burger Records) Shot by: Andrew Tran, Gabe Cabagbag, Tyler Guieb Edited by: Andrew Tran

RVCAloha | Part 2

RVCAloha part 2 with Dino Adrian, Colin Moran, Alex Knost, Beau Foster, Davey Cathels, Ellis Ericson, Jay Davies, Kalani David and Danny Fuller. Video by Jimmy Jazz James. Song "That Old Feeling" by Dead Ghosts courtesy of Burger Records.

Ricardo Christie | Congrats on making the WCT

Congrats to RVCA Advocate Ricard Christie on making the WCT!

Tripe from Pipe | RVCAloha

Monster Children interviews some of the boys at the RVCA Rocky Point house, Josh Harmony, Beau Foster, Ford Archbold, Andrew ‘Droid’ Doheny, Nestor Judkins, Greyson Fletcher, Alex Knost, Ellis Ericson, Shane Borland, Imogen Caldwell, Curren Caples, and more. Filmed by Jimmy ‘Jazz’ James.

Ford Archbold | Top 7 Pipe Surfers

RVCA Advocate Ford Archbold shares his top 7 Pipe surfers with Monster Children. Edited by Jimmy Jazz James.

RVCAloha | Part 1

RVCAloha 2014 part 1, featuring Davey Cathels, Kalani David, Makua Rothman, Betet Merta, Danny Fuller, Jay Davies, Dino Adrian & Ricardo Christie. Song: Motorcycle One by Cosmonauts courtesy of Burger Records, Video by Jimmy Jazz James.


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