#rvcavacation | pt.1

#RVCAVACATION | pt. 1 with RVCA Advocate Andrea Dosouto. July 1st/2nd: Mexico DF - Frankfurt - Prague - Day 2/3 I got to Prague almost two days after I left LA. I was always passed out on the planes, so I didn’t feel much of the exhaustion that comes with traveling that far. Mystic Cup 2014 started the next day. I got to the airport and my friend Lenka came to pick me up. I stayed with her first night and she brought me to a Bob Dylan show, which was pretty rad. For the rest of the time some friends and I from CPH rented an apartment/hotel. I got there before anyone else, but the peace and calm didn't last long. The boys arrived a couple hours later and our living room turned into the official place to hang, drink beers and: “Who ate my bananaaaasss!!??”…. The adult babysitting, photo shoot filled, partying days had officially started. Leticia Bufoni ended up being our neighbor and I hadn’t seen her in long time, so ended up spending most of my time talking shit with her in the corridor. I skipped one day of the Cup and went to shoot with the lovely Martina, a model from Prague. She didn't speak much English but she was a sweetheart, with deep blue eyes and really light skin. Prague is beautiful, the architecture is very old but nicely conserved, having signs of better years in the peeling paint on the walls of the buildings, all accented with little details in gold. Barely anyone speaks english and everyone gets around by tram or metro. There weren’t any spots for street skating, besides the big plaza, so nothing really went down besides the contest. One of the first days there, I met a very bearded Greyson Fletcher, who is a good friend of my babe Mahina. He’s a new rider for RVCA and a pretty funny guy. Drinks, dances and video messages to our loved friend, constant avoidance of some persistent girl that kept bringing us more drinks, peeing where ever you can find and having to open doors with a credit card. Just an average Thursday night in Europe. The Finals went good, Leticia get 1st place on the Street Women’s contest and Greyson got 4th for the bowl contest. Guys like Pedro Barros or Dani Leon left me, as always, with my jaw dropped. It was also amazing to watch legends like Christian Hosoi, Steve Olson, Pat Ngoho and Dave Hackett continue to kill it. Mystic Cup 2014 had been another successful mission. I had really wanted to go sleep to be ready for next day’s flight, but my mates were not so keen on that idea. I grabbed as much sleep as they would allow and boarded a plane to Berlin the next morning.

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