The Babe Show | Agenda LB

RVCA Womens presented ‘The Babe Show’ exhibition, curated by Human NYC with the support of Agenda WMNS in Long Beach July 10th and July 11th 2014. The show features works by female creatives and a limited edition print zine.

The exclusive brand collaboration bridges like-minded female forces debuting at the Agenda Long Beach show. The crux of the collaboration is cohesive female energy, providing a meeting ground for Women in our current cultural climate and celebrating HER entrepreneurial spirit.

Goals of the exhibition are to provide a cross-section female-centric energies to promote ideas and inspiration, aimed at building positive web of empowered females and creatives. Embracing courage through strong emotion and vulnerability is to embody, expose, and expand. Funneling this strength and passion into business, social, and personal lives, each element of the show aligns these spirited core elements and values.

“The worst nightmare of a woman should not be other women.” - Featured artist and RVCA Advocate, Andrea DoSouto

The Babe Show exhibited at the Human NYC booth at Agenda Long Beach and featured exclusive photography works by LA based artist and RVCA Advocate Andrea DoSouto, Brooklyn based artist Christina Rinaldi, and LA native photographer Adri Law. The final piece in the show was an eye catching crowd pleaser tapestry of a sunset woven out of two paintings by artist and RVCA Advocate Michelle Blade.

The Babe Show | Agenda LB

video by Brandon Jensen

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