Alex at Victoria Park Skate Plaza

Kyle at Victoria Park Skate Plaza

Matt Taylor sees his shadow

The boys arrive at Mission Bay

Knost restrings his guitar for tonight’s show

The boys bronze it up

Ford sips on an energy drink while Brooks is on the air at KIWI FM

Cam Neate and his handy cam

Kyle, Al and Ford crack up listening to Brooks and Matt on air

The Tulips perform at The Kings Arms in Auckland

Dom’s projections, Knost’s guitar

Jamie on drums

Alex on guitar and vocals

Ford on bass

The boys catch a couple races on the TV before take off

A last New Zealand portrait to thank Keone Campbell and Cam Neate of Billabong

Knost tries to consolidate before the flight

Kyle stoked on his copy of the latest Damaged Goods Zine featuring Ellis Ericson

Alex spots a Galaxie 500

Matt Taylor time travels in a thrift shop and returns from the 80s

Ford and Brooks pick up a couple of squirts

Ford tries to keep Matt cool

Alex keeps things rolling

The boys review their daily finds

Pizza before the ferry ride to Manly

Ferry passing Harbour Bridge

Anthony, Taylor & Scott pass the Opera house

Arrival in Manly (Wild Things)

Matt whales during sound check

Ford and Ozzy Wright watching Matt go off

Scene from below, Wild Things Party

Scene from above, Wild Things Party

Ozzy Wright, Goons of Doom

Tomorrows Tulips

The Growlers take the stage with Scott Montoya on drums

Matt Taylor on guitar, Anthony Braun Perry on bass

Brooks Nielson on vocals

Kyle Straka on 2nd guitar and keys

Ozzy Wright and Alex Knost catch The Growlers from the side

Last meal in OZ

Last visit to Manly beach

Anthony Braun Perry at Wild Things

Brooks Nielsen keeps his cool before the long flight home

Last ride over Harbour Bridge brings the tour to an end

The boys return home to California after the 2-week tour in AUS & NZ

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