A zany New Zealand arrival (Boys drive to Raglan)

Nature calls

Alex gets some air

Anthony gets back from stretching his legs

Kyle relieved or hardly?

Matt ukes it up

Raglan Arrival (paradise)

Waking up in paradise. Alex goes for an early dip

Ford's customizations 

A local and his best friend

Filmmaker/Photographer Taylor Bonin's balancing act

Alex Knost and Scott Montoya come in from a surf

Ford Archbold goes out. Matt Taylor shows him what's good

The local terrain  

The boys contemplate trying to score some waves or staying in and listening to Prodigy 

Keone Campell and Cam Neate of Billabong take the gang to Ngarunui 

Ngaruni Beach Lookout

Ford loves the Cosmonauts

Alex and Ford 

Anthony frothing

Brooks checks the surf

Ford and Kyle decide to stay in and talk about Prodigy 

Brooks Nielsen airing out his dirty laundry upon his Auckland arrival 

Dudes night out in Auckland 

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