Vitor Belfort #152 Support Shirts

Vitor Belfort has won 14 world titles in two MMA main events on the planet, eight times winner of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) in the United States, five time winner of the Pride in Japan and champion of Cage Rage in London in December 2005, and in 2006 began his professional boxing career winning the first victory in the heavyweight event in Salvador Minotauro Fight III.The image of Vitor goes far beyond the area of sports: Beauty, Health, Victory, Overcoming, Garra, Youth, Courage, Perseverance, Happiness, Discipline, Faith, and more features are always linked to Vitor. He aims to preach peace, dedicated to social campaigns, making a point to separate the image of the fight, fights and reprehensible attitudes.Shop Vitor Belfort #152 Support Shirts Here

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