Welcome Aaron Pico

RVCA proudly welcomes Aaron Pico to it's RVCA Sport roster. Aaron Pico, a native of Southern California ,and professional combat sports athlete currently competing under the Bellator MMA promotion. Aaron began wrestling at 4 years old and quickly amassed numerous youth national titles. Influenced by a neighbor, Aaron began to box at age 10, and dedicated all his time to his craft and once again found himself a national title with winning the Junior Golden Gloves. With a new skill in his arsenal, Aaron competed in Pankration (amateur MMA), and amassed a state, national, and European championship before going back to wrestling. Aaron took an unprecedented route in search of honing his skills, often spending time in Dagestan, Chechnya, and other parts of the world to find the best wrestling he could. His work payed off by becoming a three time world medalist and a world champion. In 2016 he placed second at the Olympic Trials and served as an alternate for the Olympic Games at the age of 19. Aaron’s passion outside of training and competition is horsemanship and can be found on his horse in his free time. Aaron has aspirations to be the best pound for pound combat athlete in the the world.

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