West Australia | RVCA

Beau Foster, Dino Adrian and Nathan Webster hit up the wild north west in search of gold. Where the desert meets the sea. Video by Nathan Foster, photos by Tom Hawkins, captions by Nathan Webster.

West Australia | RVCA

Video by Nathan Foster, song Realms of Dawn by Strange Hands courtesy of Burger Records.

Barri late arvo hanger. Left walls for days.

Late arvo lip dance in the Barri. Dino.

My first wave at the right.. Was a beauty.

Beaus first wave at the right (Monuments) , straight after mine. We both paddled back out together after theses was so unbelievably stoked. Smiles n high fives tripping on the fact it was just he and i out with not another soul in sight or even the slightest threat that someone else may join us..

Direction change at the Monuments.

Beau black hats.

The Bug about to ride the rocket. Tombstones.

King Keeper showing how its done at Tombies.

Jetski cowboy. Dino.

Beau and I had to bounce home to the big city for various looming commitments. The next day it was just him and the right. Keeper in his element. True to his tattoo, “Alive and frothing club”.

Style and technique. Text book back hand slice by Beau.

Keeper on the Ledge..

Dino “Greens Keeper” Adrian

Beau at the Barri.

Dino the filthy tube pig. Giving the noosie a good clean at Jakes.

Beau timing it right.

Tight corners..


Track attack. Dino

Last light fin ditch pre Emu Export o’clock.

Abby Rd

Pre surf froth at the Barri..

The man, the legend. Dino. King of the west. Ever so accommodating host. Thank you mate.

Camp Keeper.

Killin time..

Red dirt and left handers.

Raw outback Australia.

Bluff afternoon

“It pumping out there!"

A week in the desert, no phones, no showers. Shit talk and BBQ’s with good friends. Perfect waves. whats not to love? Ultimate mans surf trip.

You would be hard pressed to view better sunsets.

Desert life.. Simple life… The good life. We will be back.

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