Change for Balance

Change for Balance, co-founded by Roddy Tabatabai and John McCarthy, is a production company and creative agency that creates insightful, entertaining media that is dedicated to making a positive impact in our world. CFB has spent the past 7 years traveling the globe, crafting original documentaries and stories, and creating commercial campaigns for some of the largest companies and organizations in the world. Their work has received nearly 100 million views online and has been featured on MSNBC, Fox, CBS News, NBC Today Show, E!, MTV, Buzzfeed, and Upworthy just to name a few.

In 2015 CFB returned to South Africa with Charlize Theron and CTAOP to document Ms. Theron's relief efforts to support African Youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS, they are currently producing "Aloha Warrior" a documentary created around former World Champion Tour Surfer, RVCA advocate, and undefeated professional MMA fighter Dustin Barca, and wrapped principal photography on "Love & Bananas," a documentary about rescuing endangered Asian Elephants in Cambodia and Thailand. Their goal is use the power of media to bring about a balance through consciousness.

BJ Penn | Inspired By...

"Everybody has talent. You got to do something with it. You got to go make something out of it." -- BJ Penn, Inspired by the infinite possibilities of martial arts. Video by Change for Balance.

Inside the Mind of Rafael Mendes

Go inside the mind of 6x world champion Rafael Mendes as he sits down with former UFC fighter Kenny Florian and discusses his most recent world title at the 2016 IBJJF World Championships. Rafael also talks about his competition mindset, his approach to jiu jitsu and what he feels sets him apart.

Video by Change for Balance.

Road to 6x | Rafael Mendes

Last year, Rafael Mendes won his fifth world title in the black belt division cementing himself as the most decorated featherweight in jiu jitsu history. The “Road to 6x” chronicles Rafael Mendes in the weeks leading up to the 2016 IBJJF World Championship where he aims to capture his 6th world title.

Video by Change for Balance.

Charlize Theron | Africa Outreach Project

Dustin Barca | Aloha Warrior

Prince EA | Dear Future Generations, Sorry

BJ Penn | Return of the Prodigy

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