Josh Harmony

Josh Harmony lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and frequents Long Beach with his wife and two kids. Josh's first video part was in Toy Machine skateboards video of the year 'Good and Evil' where he showed the skate world his ability to take on big rails with the best of them. His solid fast and fearless approach to handrail skating is about as exciting as skateboarding get's but he's also one who appreciate's a unique or creative skate spot. A true fan of blues, folk, gospel, country and rock music; Josh began playing music himself and has since taught himself how to play multiple instruments. He has released multiple albums and created music specifically for several skate videos and other pros video parts. Josh's most recent music offering comes from the latest album with his band Freckles. The band consists of Grant Hatfield, Mike McMillan, and Josh with a new album on the way! Check out their Spotify page here.

Josh Harmony | Inspired By...

Josh Harmony, Inspired By... Family. Josh shares his inspiration from his family and his gratitude for the friendships and experiences with RVCA.
Video by Brandon Jensen.

RVCA South Africa Tour

The boys sampled every terrain South Africa had to offer, from park to pool to rooftops and rails. Good crew, great edit. The world is ours.

PVSH / FRESH Denim | Josh Harmony

Josh Harmony goes for a skate in the new RVCA PVSH Fresh Denim.

ABOUT PVSH / FRESH: RVCA is proud to introduce PVSH/FRESH, a series of jeans designed and created for the everyday rigors of skateboarding. Featuring a blend of natural cotton and synthetic denim blend, PVSH/FRESH jeans fully embody the RVCA Balance of Opposites ethos. The natural cotton fibers provide traditional workwear appearance and durability while the synthetic denim blend provide moisture-management properties that transport perspiration away from your body to keep you cool, dry, and fresh.


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