Keali'i Punley

Keali'i Punley was born in OAHU, Hawaii. grown and raised in Wahiawa. as an ocean lover keali'i prefers to be bodysurfing, during the winter swells you would see him at his homebreaks which would be Waimea bay, and Ke iki beach both along the North Shore. he is well known for his unique style and flow when bodysurfing. he is looked at by the "old timers" as the next generation of leaders in perpetuating the art of "Kahanalu" a hawaiian word meaning "the form of wave riding with just your body". keali'i is also respected for the true aloha spirit, humbleness, smiles and good vibes he brings to everyone in and out of the ocean. his personal mission is to share to the world the art of hawaiian bodysurfing. and to keep bodysurfing alive for the next generations to come.

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