Mahina Alexander

Words by Mahina: "I have always had an interest in taking photos. I take photos of people and things that draw my attention in an attempt to show people the way living makes me feel. To inspire them to live authentically, themselves. From the people and places I've experienced, to the way the tide is always changing with the moon, I am constantly being taught adaptation, love, and fear in all its forms. I love being able to capture a moment and putting my own spin on it so that it may resemble the feeling that being in that moment gave me. I am from one of the most beautiful, raw, crazy, indescribable chain of islands on earth and am so blessed to have a platform to convey and share my truth in photos and in writing. Everything I do is an ode to my love of life and all the people in mine who are continuous source of love, support and inspiration… and to me that is what my RVCA family is. Forever grateful."

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