Theo Niarchos

Theo Niarchos was born in the south of France but moved to Hawaii when he was 9 years old. He picked up surfing as soon as he moved to Hawaii and made it become one of the biggest elements of of his life. Theo has since traveled all around the world chasing swells and now goes to art school at Chapman Art pursuing a BFA.

Theo Niarchos | Mexico Outtakes

Theo Niarchos sent over some Mexico throw away clips from a new project he is working on. Stay tuned for more info. Filmed by Elliot Leboe, Song: My Passion by Martin DuPont.

Theo Niarchos | RVCA

Theo Niarchos surfing Mexico and Fiji.

Theo Niarchos | Cloudbreak Fiji

Theo Niarchos | Inner Glitch

Thoe Niarchos | Platos Porn

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